Project iCare Tech Session at Rotherham Sight and Sound


On 22nd May, Mark Skelton held a project iCare tech session at the Rotherham sight and sound office in the town centre.
Project iCare Tech sessionIt was an afternoon organised for people who are living with sight loss so they can get help and support with smart technology. Using a mobile phone or a tablet device comes as second nature to most people, but how would you manage if you suddenly lost all or most of your sight? Can you imagine the frustration of not being able to call or message your friends or family?
Accessibility options on all of today’s smart phones can help visually impaired people to get the best out of the technology they own. Things like zoom and voiceover options are extremely good and now people with all levels of sight loss are able to use them. There is a new device made by an Australian company called ‘Real Thin’ which is totally voice activated and has unlimited access to the RNIB audio book library.
Overall, the event was successful like many others we have held and those who attended were surprised at the options available for people living with sight loss and other visual impairments. Talk Direct have held these sessions all over the Yorkshire area for many years now, and have worked with every leading charity in the sight loss field.
Day by day, as technology is improving we are extremely confident that we can continue to help the visually impaired community.

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