Pink Event day at the O2 Store in The Merrion Centre Leeds


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On the 20th October 2018, I decided to hold a Pink Event day at the O2 Store in the Merrion Centre raising £545.

I decided to hold this event to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer care. 1 in 8 people get Breast Cancer and this is something that has personally affected me so I decided that it would be a great case for me to support.


Pink Event day at the O2 Store in the Merrion Centre


Since February 2018 until present, I have been fighting breast cancer. There are good days and bad days but thankfully I have an amazing support network around me. The staff at the hospitals have been more than helpful during my treatment so I wanted to do something to give back and show my appreciation to these wonderful people and help where I can.

During this whole process I have been fortunate enough to still be able to get into work and try my best to stay strong whilst dealing with the side effects of Chemotherapy, surgery and now Radiotherapy.

I still have a major battle ahead of me but I am determined to beat cancer and push myself through the treatment plan. My colleagues have supported and pushed me to keep a smile on my face everyday and helped me through the tough times when I was undergoing treatment. To me that shows and proves how supportive they are with the amount of money we raised in such a short space of time.

I want to set an example for others to show that suffering from cancer should not stop you doing the things you want to do in life and I will be keeping this smile on my face every day. During the Pink Event day there were numerous activities we decided to partake in to help raise money.

The first was that everyone at the Merrion Centre O2 Store wore pink to show their support and this enforced the solidarity against cancer from everyone.

Secondly, PureGym allowed us to borrow a bike from their gym and throughout the day we took turns in riding the bike. At the end of the working day between ourselves, we managed to cycle 100 miles.


Pink Event day at the O2 Store in the Merrion Centre


Thirdly, we held a bake sale with myself, my Parents and my Partner all baking cakes for such a worthy cause and Becky made a little white and pink rainbow cake.

We also had a sweet hamper raffle and ‘Name the Pug' competition.

Lastly, we had a ‘Go Fund Me' page running throughout the day which we posted on our Workplace and twitter account for the rest of the company and public to see and support. I personally think this massively helped raise awareness and helped us raise a huge proportion of the money from people who couldn’t get into the store on the day to donate.

I am extremely grateful to Talk Direct for allowing me to run this event on the day and to everyone who helped make it a success and donated. This money will change lives and I'm thankful to be part of that. In the future I will be holding more events and will NEVER stop fighting the fight to get a cure for this disease.


Pink Event day at the O2 Store in the Merrion Centre




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