Award-Winning Project iCare Help The Visual Impaired Community


At Talk Direct, our award-winning project iCare has been helping the visual impaired community for many years now with great success. We have been working alongside some wonderful organisations who do an incredible job to help others. Recently we have been working with Guide Dogs who provide excellent support to the visually impaired society. Not many people are aware that in a dog’s life time it will cost the charity an average of £55,000, and they totally rely on public donations to fund this.



We were asked as a company if we would like to take part in a scheme called "Name a puppy” which if we raised £5000 would help support a puppy for the first 2 years. We saw this as a fantastic challenge and a very unique way to help a worthy cause.

Talk Direct have 16 stores in the North of England so although the £5000 was a big target to hit, all our staff gladly accepted the challenge. We were given 2 years to raise the money in order to meet the qualification process as part of the scheme.

Our teams were truly fantastic with the fundraising and put on some great events both in and out of the stores. Many of the local communities and our customers donated both money and prizes to help us hit the £5000 target. A special mention should go to the guide dog users who came into our stores to help us fundraise. People were more willing to donate after hearing first hand the difference a guide dog can make to sight loss sufferers. With the effort of so many people we are very pleased to say that recently we managed to hit the target and have met our commitment to the charity.

It has been a fantastic journey to raise this money and we are delighted that it’s going to help change someone’s life and help them regain their independence back. We help so many people who are visually impaired use digital technology and are fully aware the difference it can make to people, so the thought that we have now sponsored a puppy is truly fantastic. We are awaiting the birth of the puppy and have decided to choose the following names - Ralph for a boy and Bella for a girl.

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