Doncaster Deaf Trust


On 14th February Mark Skelton and Fran Reay spent a day at the Doncaster deaf trust speaking to students on the colleges employability course. The course has been set up to help students who are either deaf or autistic with help and support in gaining employment when they have completed the course and have left further education.


Doncaster Deaf Trust

Talk Direct have supported this course for 2 years alongside many other events at the college in Doncaster Town Centre. We also sent our Guru team to take part in the deaf awareness course. The course gave our Guru’s a better understanding on how things are for deaf customers in store and also gave them some basic sign language instructions.

The students had to sit through a mock interview process in preparation for when they leave the college. They had chosen a wide variety of careers they would like to do, so we asked them some questions that may come up in an interview in that field. As the students were mostly deaf this had to be done through an interpreter using sign language. The passion the students have and showed to get into full time employment really did shine through and the day overall was a huge success. Talk Direct are hoping to continue their support to the deaf trust with several other projects later on in the year.


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