Talk Direct Continued Its Work In The Community


On Friday 22nd June Talk Direct continued its work in the community by visiting the partially sighted society in Doncaster to speak about accessibility on all smart devices.

Talk Direct

The plan for the day was for the society to invite all their clients down to the centre based in Doncaster so that our O2 Gurus could educate them on how simple apps and software on all smart devices could help them with everyday tasks. A lot of people are still not aware that all smart devices have an inbuilt software that can not only enlarge everything on the screen but for people with really low vision, it can actually speak out loud telling the user what is being displayed on the screen. We sent along our visually impaired member of staff, Mark Skelton, alongside two of our O2 Gurus, James Blackwell and Dan Carey to see how they could help the people attending.

Overall, the day was a huge success and many of the people attending simply could not believe the help Talk Direct were offering and that just a few simple instructions from our team were making such a massive difference to the society’s clients. One particular gentleman had recently lost most of his sight and after spending a number of years working for the NHS, didn’t know how his phone and tablet could be adapted for him to use again. After a 30-minute instructive demonstration from Mark, he was not only able to navigate his screen with ease but could also read his messages again and was now able to use both his phone and tablet to its full potential.

These community events are proving more and more successful, not only for the people attending but for our staff members too. We are really keen to use our knowledge to help people throughout the communities and will have many more similar events coming up over the next few months.



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